Many people when looking for the right Siberian breeder often come across people who breed and sell cats and dogs from other breeds. After all, for them it's just a business. Well,that is not okay for me. Here at SIBERIANBLISS I have been dedicated  to this beautiful breed since my early childhood. I was born into a family who always had Siberians. I can not imagine my life without them. As I was growing up, I focused my time and energy on learning all that I could about the breed in general and about my family cats. I was also specifically looking into different bloodlines. I dedicated my work to breed for health and temperament, along with beauty.

           I've spent years looking over pedigrees and databases to research the breed and lines to find the best combinations. I've met with reputable breeders in person and chose my mentors. I'm dedicated to keeping this breed as strong and sound as it was back in Russia, my native country. 

           I constantly bring in new breeding lines, but I also inbreed/linebreed to preserve the quality and avoid issues. It takes time, effort, emotional commitment, physical work, sleepless nights; not to mention financial burden. But in the end, I'm happy with the results. My cats and kittens are living proof of my success.

           I would like to share my love and my knowledge of this beautiful breed with other people and popularize this fantastic breed. 

About us


I strongly believe that good looks and good anatomical features are very important, but if health and temperament are sacrificed for said beauty- nothing could be more wrong. Before I even consider breeding mates, my cats are all screened for all any any available genetically and communicable conditions to ensure we have multiple generations of healthy cats. All tests are done by a board certified veterinary  specialists in different fields. I know my own bloodlines very well and I thoroughly examine bloodlines of other reputable breeders so I know there will be no surprises in temperaments and health. We also make sure our kittens are socialized all the time so you can enjoy their sweet and loving nature.


My cats are my family, and my kittens are my children. When you purchase a kitten from me- you are my family. I'm always here for you, day and night. My phone is never off, and I never take "personal time". I am here for your any and every need: support, help, or advice. I always say: ask me any questions, even silly ones. I love your questions. Because after all, what really matters for me is the well being of your kitten.


Showing cats definitely isn't for everyone. It takes time, money, travel, preparation and so much more. Winning is great and feels good, but it's only one-sided. You have to be ready and totally open-minded to learn other people's opinions of your cats. Sometimes, competitors can be cruel, but I'm always willing to take criticism to work harder and improve my breeding quality. What gives me a paramount of pleasure, though, is being able to educate other people about our breed, to have magnificent cats as the best representatives of the breed, and to answer questions. Even if your cat comes from a grand champion's bloodlines, the title is not hereditary. I have to work hard to preserve qualities. What you see at shows is only a result of days and nights of labor, teas of disappointment, joy of success, knowledge that I produce healthy and happy kittens, well loved and well taken care of.